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If your loved one has been arrested by the Villa Park Police, and you need bail bond services, then Alvarado Bail Bonds is ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you post bail.

Our main priority is helping people during the difficult period after an arrest. We never close, so you can call us anytime you need our help to get out of jail. All of the bondsmen from Alvarado Bail Bonds are fully licensed and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Put our experience and expertise to work for you and get out of jail now. It is important to note that whether or not a defendant is found guilty or innocent is irrelevant to the bail process. At the conclusion of a criminal trial, bail is returned to the person who posted it if the defendant returned for all of the specified hearings. However, if the defendnat fails to return to stand trial, they are considered a fugitive and a warrant is issued for their arrest, and they are charged with a new crime, skipping bail.

Alvarado Bail Bonds treats you with respect and maintains your privacy!

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We are a local Villa Park bail bonds agency that helps people to get out of jail after an arrest with the lowest priced bail bonds allowed by law. Villa Park is the smallest city in Orange County. However, many people can find themselves in the custody of Villa Park law enforcement officers after an arrest. We know that your highest priority after an arrest is being released from jal before your trial. This is why we are availble 24/7 to post bail. Depending on the particular detention facility that your loved one is taken to and the amount of detainees it is currently serving, a defendant’s release time will vary.

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Emily H.
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Great Service I was able to text and email all my info and paperwork. Once Paperwork was completed Steve posted the bond right away. Steve called and text me with updates during the bail processing process. He called me once my love one was out of jail . He also provided me with an update of my loved ones court dates. He made a stressful life event really easy.
Jimmy S.
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Excellent Service!!!! They were able to answer all my questions over the phone. I was able to do all the paperwork from my work over the phone. My Wife was out of jail by the time I got out of work.... I highly recommend these guys are pros....
Elizabeth A.
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I am very grateful to Alvarado Bail Bonds, for their compassionate and fast service. In less than an hour after speaking with them the bail bond was posted at the jail. All my questions were answered making me feel at ease. I picked up my family member later that evening with no issues. I highly recommend Alvarado Bail Bonds.
Brandon W.
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Absolutely Amazing !! Steve went above and beyond his duties in helping me! His communication to me was overall outstanding. I would definitely recommend Alvarado Bail Bonds! Thanks again for all you did!!!!

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