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Do happen to have a warrant out for your arrest? Are you looking for a reliable bail bondsman? Alvarado Bail Bonds is the only name you need to know! Our experts provide you with professional bail bond services and make sure that you understand every step of the process. We recognize that this can prove to be quite a stressful time for you, but our team in your corner, you can breathe a little bit easier! If you need bail bond services in Santa Ana, CA, give us a call today!

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If You’ve Been Arrested in Orange or LA County, Contact Alvarado Bail Bonds Now!

We’ve been this business for quite some time and we know that an arrest can happen at just about any time. This is why we offer around the clock bail bond services in Santa Ana, CA and all of Orange and LA Counties! If for some reason you are unable to come to us to post bail, we offer mobile bail services which allow us to come to you! If you need bail service or free advice, contact Alvarado Bail Bonds. We are a Southern California bail bond company available 24 Hours 7 Days a week.

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