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Do you know someone who has been arrested in the city of Montclair? Alvarado Bail Bonds is here to help you 24/7 with all your bail bond needs. One call with one of our Montclair bail bondsman can provide you with free inmate information about why your loved one was arrested and your options on how to bail them out of jail. When someone is accused of or caught committing a crime, they are arrested and taken to jail. It is their constitutional right to bail out of jail and fight their criminal court case out of custody. When someone is arrested in the city of Montclair, they are taken to the Montclair Police Department jail.

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Alvarado Bail Bonds makes the process of bailing a loved one out of jail a fast and stress-free process. We first must complete the bail bond application we can do this by meeting you at the Montclair Police Department. We can also complete the bail bond application over the phone, email or fax we accept cash and all types of credit cards to pay the bail bond premium. We also offer a mobile Montclair bail bonds service – sending a licensed bail bondsman to your home at no extra fee to you. Once the bail bond application is complete, our bail agent is now ready to post the bail bonds at the Montclair Police Department jail. Once the Montclair police station jailor receives and processes the bail bond your loved one is released from jail in fifteen to twenty minutes.

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