About Alvarado Bail Bonds

We believe in providing excellent and confidential service to our clients. So much so, that we will drive to your location if that works better for you. When you call us you’ll always speak to a bondsman or owner. And most importantly you’ll will be treated with respect as a valued client. We understand bail bonds services because of our many years helping keep people out of jail all over Los Angeles County and Orange County.



Getting arrested can be a huge financial burden for many hard working families in Southern California. This is why we offer interest-free payment plans for those who qualify. If you don’t have the full amount needed to post bail, just ask if we can help and we’ll work to get your loved one out of jail and back home as quickly as possible.


We evaluate the defendant’s in-custody situation to determine if posting bail makes sense and is cost-effective. We do this because in many cases bail can be reduced or eliminated by the court if the defendant stays in custody one additional day longer. We always seek to do honestly what’s in the best interest of our clients.


We keep every part of the bail process confidential to protect the privacy our clients. Who the defendant is, and your personal information is never shared, sold or rented to anyone at any time. We make the bail process simple, fast, and confidential. So regardless of what’s happened, the world doesn’t need to hear about it.

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