Post Bail - FAQS

When someone gets arrested, what happens?

A Man Who Has Been Arrested Has Been Placed in Handcuffs.

Unsure How To Post Bail? We Have All of the Information That You Need.

After someone is arrested they are brought to the local police station or jail for processing and booking. Depending on how busy it is, booking and processing could take a while.
After they have been booked, three things may happen:

  1. The defendant may be released with no charges filed
  2. Bail and arraignment may be set by the jail or court. The defendant must post the bail bond amount or make arrangements with a bail bond service to have a bond posted in order to get out of jail
  3. The defendant may be released on their Own Recognizance

If you have more questions on the process of arrests or how to post bail in Santa Ana, CA or anywhere in Southen California, then contact us at 888-866-8376.

What is a bail bond?

Simply put, a bail bond is a Surety Bond, where a licensed and insured bondsman guarantees a contractual undertaking. The bail agent guarantees the court that they will make payment of the bond in full if the defendant fails to appear in court for their scheduled date. Bail bonds have a cosigner who guarantees to pay the full amount of the bail if the defendant does not show up for their scheduled court date. To have your bond approved, a bail agent will interview and collect necessary information. Depending on the situation, you might be required to provide collateral.

How is bail posted?

A representative of the defendant will contact a bail bond agent. During your initial phone conversation, you will be asked for basic information to determine the risk involved in the bond. If the bonds agent is willing and the customer decides to purchase the bail bond, then documents must be signed, including; the application, indemnity agreement, and a receipt. After the paperwork is completed, a licensed bondsman will post bail and get the defendant released. This process should only take 2-3 hours to complete.

How much do bail bonds cost?

In almost every state the cost of a bail bond is 10% of the bail amount. Each state has different rates, and each states rates are non-negotiable. For example, if your bail is $20,000, then the fee you’d pay to post bail is just $2,000 and not a penny more. Beware of any bail agent offering anything less than 10% in California, it is illegal. If you need a flexible payment option, we can help. We accept cash or credit card for payment.

What happens if they don’t post bail?

If the defendant does not post bail, he or she will remain in custody until they find resolution in court. When you post bail defendants are given more time to secure legal services and prepare their case in a competent manner. In addition, if jail time is possible, posting bail could give you the time necessary to get things prepared.

Get out of jail fast!

  • We are able to handle all bail bond documentation by e-mail and fax in a matter of minutes
  • If necessary, we can have a licensed bail agent travel to you to facilitate the process. Generally, our agent can be to you in less than an hour
  • From start to finish, most bail bonds are completed in 1-2 hours

If you call us, we will give you realistic time frames to complete your bail bond. We will quickly advise you if we’re unable to efficiently service your needs. Call Alvarado Bail Bonds at 888-866-8376 to post bail in Santa Ana, CA.