What is a PC 1275 No-Bail Hold?

No-Bail Hold Money and Handcuffs

A No-Bail Hold Prevents a Defendant From Posting Bail Until They See a Judge.

Generally, when a person gets arrested, they are given the opportunity to post bail. This allows them to stay out of jail while they wait for their trial to commence. There are certain situations when the court system will place a no-bail hold, which prevents the defendant from posting bail. This usually happens because the person arrested is on probation, or because they have committed a capital offense. If you need to lift a no-bail hold in California, Alvarado Bail Bonds is here to help.

Lifting a 1275 No-Bail Hold

In the state of California, section 1275 of the Penal Code states that the option to post bail can be withheld if there is a reasonable suspicion that the money used to pay bail was acquired illegally. These types of holds are placed on defendants arrested for crimes related to drugs, embezzlement, theft or extortion. In order to lift a 1275 no-bail hold, the defendant must go before the judge. This special hearing is designed to give the accused a chance to prove the validity of their income and show that they can post bail with money acquired legally.

Sometimes a PC 1275 hearing is part of the arraignment, but the accused has the option to ask for a special hearing. The defendant’s lawyer and bail bondsmen should be present for this hearing. The only other people allowed in this hearing are those connected with validating the source of the bail money.

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