What Happens When A Defendant Skips Bail?

Bail Jumping

Skipping out on bail could have serious consequences.

Bail bonds help ensure that the defendant shows up to their court date. Often times, loved ones of the defendants post a lot of money to get them out. However, not all defendants show up to their court date.

What happens to someone who skips bail?

Lose Money – Whoever posted bail for the charge could be losing the bond money. A bail bond works as a sort of collateral that guarantees that the defendant will appear for their court date. If the defendant doesn’t show up to their court date, the family member or loved one who posted bail may lose out on that collateral money they gave.

Bondsman Looks For Them – If the defendant doesn’t show up to court, the court will often notify the the bail bonds man and sets a time period for the defendant to be returned to the court in order to not forfeit the bond money. During this time, a bail bonds office might issue a bounty hunter if the size of bond is significant and the state allows it.

Face Other Charges – The court will generally issue an arrest warrant for a defendant who skipped out on bail. The defendant could be looking at brand new charges for not appearing in court. Skipping out on bail could be its own offense. Even if the person is found innocent in court, they still may have to face the consequences for the charge of jumping bail.

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