When Weekend Fun Turns Serious

Nobody ever goes out on a Saturday night with the intention of getting into trouble. But inevitably, it will happen. Someone will get into an argument, fight, or another predicament that ends up with a misdemeanor or even felony charge and sometimes jail. When your fun weekend activities end up behind bars, a good bondsman can help turn a nightmare into a short bad dream that ends quickly.

What to do When You Find Yourself in Trouble

Typically, partygoers are charged with misdemeanor offenses like public intoxication and disorderly conduct when a situation breaks out. They are also commonly charged with crimes like DUI or reckless driving when caught behind the wheel while intoxicated. Finding yourself in an unexpected legal situation is unnerving, but knowing what to do can help. The most important thing to do is stay calm. Don’t fight or backtalk the arresting officer or try to get out of the charges. Find out what you are being charged with and the keep quiet. Once you have been processed, call a trustworthy bondsman to help arrange bail. It’s important even after release to follow all legal instructions and requirements you are given in order to stay out of jail.

Tips For Staying Out of Trouble

Help keep yourself and your friends out of trouble by following these simple tips.

  • Have a Designated Driver
  • Never Go Out Alone
  • Keep Track of Your Drink Number and Type
  • Stay Away From Off Comments or Volatile People

California Bonding Experts

When you’re out and find yourself in trouble, call the bondsman that you can trust to complete the process quickly and get you back to your life. The Alvarado Bail Bonds experts will complete your bonding process and guide you through your requirements to ensure complete success. If you need bond service in Santa Ana, CA because of a little too much weekend fun, call our experts at 888-866-8376.