Strange Arrest Stories

People get pulled over all the time, usually for speeding or running a stop sign, but these stories are a little different. Here are a few times that people have been arrested things very odd reasons.

No Seatbelts

In Texas in 1997, a woman named Gail Atwater was pulled over. When the police officer noticed that Atwater’s’ two children were not wearing seatbelts, he decided to give her a different kind of punishment. He ended up arresting her, and sending her behind bars, where she stayed for 1 hour before making bail. In the end she pled no contest and ended up paying a $50 fine.


A man by the name of Wesley Force was arrested in North Carolina after he said the “F word” in public. He was put in jail but ended up being released. He went back to court a month later where the judge sentenced him to 10 days in jail. He was allowed to do his time in his home, wearing an ankle monitor instead.

Loud Music

In South Carolina, a man named Pastor (yes you read that right) Johnnie Clark, had had multiple complaints that his warship music during services was too loud. Apparently, the police had come out to his church over 50 times before for these complaints. After so many times of coming out, the police had had enough and arrested Clark for unlawful sound amplification. He was found guilty and sentenced to two weeks in jail.

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