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Do you know someone who has been arrested in the city of Lakewood? Call us now and speak to a Lakewood bail bondsman. Our toll-free number is (888) 866-8376. We have licensed bail bondsmen ready to answer all your questions of why your loved one was arrested and how to bail them out of jail.

When someone is arrested in the City of Lakewood, they are taken to the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station operated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff. A local bail bondsmen can meet you in the lobby of the Lakewood Sheriff’s Station or come to your home to complete paperwork whichever option you prefer. Once the paperwork is complete, our licensed bail bondsmen will post the bail bond at the Lakewood Sheriff Station releasing your loved one from jail in thirty minutes.

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We have a team of have professional and highly skilled bail bondsmen to handle any bail bond in any jail or court in Los Angeles County or Orange County. Call today to learn more about posting bail in Lakewood. Make bail today!

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