Professional Bail Bond Services in Costa Mesa, CA

Do you know a individual who has been detained in Costa Mesa, CA? Alvarado Bail Bonds is the only company you need to know. Our bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year! Call us now at (888) 866-8376  to discover more about how we can get you out of jail at any time of day or night.

Charges We Handle

There’s no bail that our bail bondsmen can’t post. When you decide to go with Alvarado Bail Bonds, you’re in good hands. We will make bail for you if you’re facing any of the following charges:

  • Assault and Battery No matter the combination of the charges, we offer the reliable bail bond services you need.
  • Drug Possession If you or someone you know is facing some serious drug charges, contact us for speedy bail bonds services.
  • DUI If you’ve failed the breathalyzer, been arrested, and need help making bail, give us a call.
  • Felony Even with a severe charge, such as a felony, Alvarado Bail Bonds will still back you up.
  • Misdemeanor We’re well versed when it comes to dealing with posting bail bonds for misdemeanor charges.

Other Services We Offer


Bail Bonds

Steve Alvarado and His Team of Experienced Bail Bondsmen Are Here When You Need Us!

When having to deal with a bail bond company, there should never be any confusion. We want to ensure that you understand the full process of posting bail from start to finish.


We recommend that you call a bondsman as soon as you’re arrested by the Costa Mesa Police Department. You or loved one don’t have to be in jail longer than necessary. Additionally, if you don’t act hastily, a lot of detainees can be transferred to a different facility, building the amount of time it could take to bail them out. Call our team now for fast bail bond services!

Lowest Bail Bond Rates in California

Alvarado Bail Bonds provides the lowest bail bonds premiums granted by law. Our bail agents only charge you the 10% minimum because we understand that bail amounts can be pricey and that a majority people don’t have ready access to that much money. Although, there are times when some type of collateral will be necessary.

If you’d like to learn more about how Alvarado Bail Bonds can help you make bail in Costa Mesa, CA? Give us a ring at (888) 866-8376.