Professional Bail Bond Services in Los Alamitos, CA

Have you or a loved one been apprehended in Los Alamitos, CA? The one and only company you need to remember is Alvarado Bail Bonds. We’re here for you around the clock! Call our pros now at (888) 866-8376 for more information.

Charges We Handle

There is no bail that our skilled bail bondsmen can’t post. You can count on Alvarado Bail Bonds to make posting bail as simple as possible. We will post bail for you if you’re faced with any of the following charges:

  • Assault and Battery Whether you’ve been charged with one or the other, or even both, if you’re eligible for bail, we’ll come to your aid.
  • Drug Possession We’ll bail you out quickly ensuring that you have as much time as possible to prepare for your court date.
  • DUI If you get caught by the authorities driving while over the legal amount of alcohol, you will go to jail.
  • Felony No matter how severe the felony charge, we’ll always be on your side.
  • Misdemeanor We hire only the best bail bondsmen in Southern California that will effectively assist with posting your bail.

Other Services We Offer


Bail Bonds

Steve Alvarado and His Team of Experienced Bail Bondsmen Are Here When You Need Us!

Our bail agents take the time to help you through each portion and make sure you thoroughlyunderstand the bail agreement. We desire to have all of our clients to feel completely comfortable prior to acquiring a bail bond, and we are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions.


With this Los Alamitos, CA bail bond company, the complete process of prisoner releasing will be lessened so you can take your friend home in under than a day. You or loved one don’t have to remain in custody longer than necessary. Additionally, if you don’t act promptly, a lot of detainees can be transported to a different facility, building the amount of time it might take to post their bail. Contact our team now for quick bail bond services!

Lowest Bail Bond Rates in California

It’s a requirement of the state of California that all bail bond premiums be charged at a minimum of no less than 10% of the bail amount total which is established by the court. Our bail agents only bill you the 10% minimum because we recognize that bail amounts can be expensive and that a majority people do not have ready access to that much money. But, keep in mind, to guarantee the bail bond, sometimes, a co-signer or collateral might be necessary.

When it comes to posting bail in Los Alamitos, CA, Alvarado Bail Bonds is the top option. So don’t hesitate in giving us a call at (888) 866-8376.