Bail Bondsmen in Glendale, CA

Do you know someone who has been arrested in Glendale, CA? The one and only name you need to remember is Alvarado Bail Bonds. Our bail bondsmen available to you around the clock! Reach us at (888) 866-8376. One call is all it takes!

Charges We Assist With

We have experience with all types of charges. Trust Alvarado Bail Bonds to make the process stress free. Charges we handle include:

  • Assault and Battery When you’ve been arrested for assault and battery, you can rely on our team to provide friendly, non-judgemental bail bond services.
  • Drug Possession Facing a drug possession charge can come with some heavy penalties and consequences when convicted by a judge.
  • DUI If you have multiple DUI charges under your belt, it’s likely that your bail amount will be higher, but we still have you covered.
  • Felony As long as your felony charge allows bail, our bail bondsmen will be there to help get you out of jail as quickly as possible.
  • Misdemeanor We’re well versed when it comes to dealing with posting bail bonds for misdemeanor charges.

Other Services We Offer


Bail Bonds

Steve Alvarado and His Team of Experienced Bail Bondsmen Are Here When You Need Us!

Our bail agents take the time to walk you through every step and make sure you thoroughlyunderstand the bail agreement. We aim to have all of our clientele to feel fully at ease before acquiring a bail bond, and we’re happy to answer any and all of your questions.


With this Glendale, CA bail bond company, the whole process of prisoner releasing will be cut down so you can take your friend home in less than a day. Get released from jail sooner than later; it’s as simple as that! In addition, if you don’t act hastily, many detainees can be taken to a different facility, increasing the amount of time it may take to bail them out. Don’t hesitate! Call now to get the bail posting process started.

California’s Lowest Bail Bonds Rates

California requires all bail bond premiums be charged at an absolute minimum of 10% of the total bail amount which is established by the court. You should be thinking about the safety and well being of the person jailed and not money. But, keep in mind, to guarantee the bail bond, sometimes, a co-signer or collateral might be a requirement.

Alvarado Bail Bonds is the preferred bail bond agency in Glendale, CA. So dial (888) 866-8376 to talk with our pros today!