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Steve Alvarado and His Team Are Experienced Bail Bondsmen.

Are you looking for a bail bondsman in Lawndale, CA who can assist you in getting released from jail quickly? Alvarado Bail Bonds is a bail bonds company in southern California you are able to contact at 888-866-8376 for superior bail bond services. If you don’t know much about the bail bonds process, that’s okay! Our bail bondsmen can help you out. Our process entails walking our customers through how bail works and answering all questions regardings things we might not have discussed. When our clients need us the most, our bail bondsmen can give them the help they need with our years of experience in this business. Our bail bond company is able to post any kind of bail from assault and battery to DUI bail.

Bail Serivces

Bail Bond Services

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A Bail Bondsman Will Find the best Bail Bond for Your Situation.

For individuals who have been arrested before, you understand that life won’t just pause. Duties that include work, school, and your family are a huge purpose that is so vital to get released from jail as fast as possible. Every situation is different which is why we offer our customers several kinds of bail bonds to select from. Working with a bail bondsman in Lawndale, CA through Alvarado Bail Bonds means you get treated with esteem and dignity. Regardless of the charges were brought against you, our bail bondsmen will not judge you. We are here to make sure you get released from jail and on with your life before your scheduled court date. At the bottom are a few of the bail bond services that our bail bonds company offer our clients.

  • Assault and Battery If you’ve been taken in and charged with assault and battery, our professional bail bondsmen will post your bail in no time.
  • Drug Possession Our bail bondsmen will bail you out quickly ensuring that you have a lot of time to prepare for your court date.
  • DUI If you get caught by the police driving while over the legal amount of alcohol, you will go to jail.
  • Felony Make bail as soon as possible to get released from jail promptly, so that you have the time to get ready to face the judge.
  • Misdemeanor If you’re allowed to make bail for your misdemeanor crime, we are ready to help.

Other Services

We Also Provide Other Services

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Our Bail Bonds Company Also Offers Other Services.

Our main job is to help customers get released from jail, but our bail bond company can help them in a few different ways. There are times when you need to post bail for a friend or family member but you are unable to get to our bail bonds company for one reason or another. A lot of bail companies wouldn’t help to make the situation easier, but Alvarado Bail Bonds isn’t like that. To make things are easier on our clients, our bail bonds company provides mobile bail bonds, where a bail bondsman in Lawndale, CA goes to where our customers are. Without leaving your house or place of work, we give you a straightforward approach to post bail. Another thing our bail company does besides mobile bail services is remove arrest warrants for clients who have one in Orange County. If you have a warrant in Orange County that needs to be removed, just contact Alvarado Bail Bonds at 888-866-8376.

Lowest Bail Rates

Although a judge assigns the amount for bail, we know that it can be extremely costly. Depending on whether somebody is being charged with a misdemeanor or a very serious crime will depend on how bail is set. To get assistance from a bail company, a percentage of the bail amount must be paid as a type of surety. On occasion these rates can be very costly, but our bail bond company only charges the state’s required minimum, which is 10%. You will get professional and cost-effective services if you work with one of our bail bondsman in Lawndale, CA. Our bail bondsmen are the ones you can count on for professional services, so call us at 888-866-8376 to get started now!