What Responsibilities You Take When You Post Bail For Someone

If you have a loved one or family member that is in jail, it can be very worrisome. You want to ensure they get out so they can get back to their responsibilities, but they need to post bail. While you would do anything to help them, you need to make sure you know what happens when you sign a bail bond for a friend or family member. There are certain bail bond responsibilities you need to follow when you post bail.


Bail Bond Responsibility

Ensure They Make Their Court Date

Bail bond responsibility number one is to make sure your friend or loved one shows up to their court date. Do whatever you have to do to ensure your friend or family appears in court.

Pay Additional Fees on Behalf of the Defendant

If for some reason your friend or family member forgot or intentionally missed their court date, it is your responsibility as the one who signed the bond to pay for fees because of a missed court date. The fee is usually 10-15% of the bail bond amount.

Pay Full Bail Amount

This bail bond responsibility is very important. If your friend or loved one cannot be located, you will be fully responsible for paying the full cost of the bail amount. If you put down collateral such as a car or house, those items can be collected.

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