Posting Bail: Drug Charges

barbed wire fenceFacing drug charges can be a stressful situation, and seeking legal counsel is a necessity to prepare for your trial. Posting bail is a critical step in seeking proper counsel and we are here to help secure bail on your behalf. Here we walk through a brief outline of drug charges to help you navigate the process of facing drug charges.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency categorizes drugs into classes, or schedules, based on their use in the medical field and their potential for being abused. These schedules are ranked from I to V, with Schedule I being the most dangerous. These drugs have the highest potential for abuse and no presently accepted medical use, and they include methqualone, LSD, ecstasy, marijuana, and peyote. Schedule V drugs are considered to have the lowest potential for abuse, such as Robitussin AC and Lyrica.

The penalties for drug charges are determined by many relevant factors that are related to the charges. The defendant’s involvement with the drugs, whether trafficking, distributing, possessing, or cultivating is considered, along with the amount of the substance and the schedule of the drug.

Drug Charge Bail Release

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