Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

Misdemeanor Bail Bond

Although That Misdemeanor Charge is Considered Minor, It Still Lands You in Jail. Contact Us Now for Misdemeanor Bail!

Whether you or loved one is currently behind bars or has a warrant out for their arrestĀ on a misdemeanorĀ charge, you can depend on Alvarado Bail Bonds for any type of misdemeanor bail in Santa Ana, CA. All it takes is a simple call at 888-866-8376 to get the bail services that you need.

The clearest distinction between a felony and misdemeanor conviction is the amount of jail time that an offender can be sentenced to serve and in what kind of facility an offender serves his or her time. A felony conviction requires the offender to serve more than one year in a state prison while a misdemeanor conviction can be punished by no more than one year in a local jail.

Often, misdemeanor offenses can be penalized by alternatives to incarceration such as fines, community service or mandatory court-ordered counseling. It is important to note that misdemeanor offenses will many times still require a bail payment to be made to the court to grant a defendant’s pretrial release.

When you need to get out of jail after an arrest, there is only one bail bonds company to call – Alvarado Bail Bonds. Our licensed bail bonds agents can secure your misdemeanor bail in Santa Ana, CA and get you out of jail fast.

How Alvarado Bail Bonds Can Help

Alvarado Bail Bonds makes getting out of jail after an arrest, as easy as possible for each and every one of our clients. We do this by offering a variety of ways to complete your bail bonds application. You can stop by our office located nearby the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana. We can fill out your application over the phone or via email or fax. We even offer a mobile bail service where one of our licensed bail bondsmen visit you at a convenient location such as your home or office

Additionally, we only charge you the state minimum 10% premium for all bail bonds. This means that you can make bail for only a small percentage of your total bail amount. Get your misdemeanor bail in Santa Ana, CA from Alvarado Bail Bonds by calling now. The sooner you call, the better! So what are you waiting on? Call us now at 888-866-8376.