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Assault and Battery

When You Find Yourself Locked Up Facing Assault and Battery Charges in Southern California, Call Us!

Alvarado Bail Bonds is the bail agency that you can turn to if your loved one has been arrested for assault and battery in Santa Ana, CA and they need professional bail services. We know that this is a stressful and unnerving time for you and your family, which is why our bail bondsmen always treat our clients with integrity and respect. Since we first opened our doors, we have made it our goal to make posting bail as easy as possible. Be sure to call the bail bondsmen you can trust at 888-866-8376 now.

We understand that confidentiality is everything, which is why we never disclose any of your personal information. You can feel confident that choosing our bail services is choosing the experience and expertise of a licensed bail agent to help you navigate California’s tricky justice system. However, we are not legal counsel and we urge all of our clients to seek a licensed attorney to represent their interests in any criminal trials.

If you have been arrested for an assault, there is only one thing to do – call Alvarado Bail Bonds. We can provide you with bail bond services for assault and battery in Santa Ana, CA that will get you out of jail fast.

Southern California Assault and Battery Charges

The California legislature has defined the act of assault as an intentional attempt to cause physical injury to another or making a threat with the reasonable threat of violence towards another. Assaults, therefore, do not always involve physical contact between two parties. Battery is defined as the intentional and unlawful use of force or violence against another. To be charged with battery, physical contact must take place between two or more individuals.

There are certain aggravating circumstances that can lead to an assault or battery charge being upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony. For instance, assaulting or committing a battery against a law enforcement officer will always be charged as a felony. Other aggravating factors include the presence or use of a weapon during the assault or battery. If you have been charged with assault or battery in Santa Ana, CA, you can depend on Alvarado Bail Bonds to make bail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get your assault and battery bail bonds in southern California from our bail bond company now by simply calling 888-866-8376.