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Get Information On a California Inmate Locator and Courts Through Alvarado Bail Bonds!

Do you or a loved one have a court date coming up but aren’t sure where the court is located? If you have been released from jail on a bail bond, it is so important that you make your scheduled court date. Missing a court date when you are out on bail is called bail jumping and is considered a crime in the state of California. When an individual fails to go to court on their assigned date, there are a couple of things the can happen. First, the 10% of the bail that you paid will be forfeited. While you didn’t appear at your first initial court date, those charges still stand, as well as new charges for skipping your court date. In California, and depending on the company, a bail bond company can hire a bounty hunter to look for you. Because you will be in more trouble than you were original, it’s important to go to your court date.

We have provided a link to the Judicial Branch of California. In addition, you can find your court and learn more here.

California Inmate Locator

If you have found out that a friend or family member has been arrested, the best way to track them down is using an inmate locator. With a California inmate locator, you can easily find your loved one and find out what jail they are located at. This will makes things a lot more simple, as you know what city you have to post bail at.

You can search for inmates across the state of California by following this link.

Bail Bonds License

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