What to Do When a Friend Gets Arrested

What do you do when a friend gets arrested? What do you say when a friend calls and needs money for bail? If your friend needs help bailing out of jail, keep these tips in mind to help navigate the bail process.

Keep Calm

what to do when a friend gets arrestedThe most important thing to remember is to keep calm. You won’t help your friend by panicking or stressing. This is especially important if you are with your friend at the time of arrest. Whether you both get pulled over for a traffic violation or other incident, you need to keep your calm. Do not yell at, threaten, or assault the arresting officer or you could get yourself arrested too.

Get the Facts

Though you may want to know all the details of what happened, now is not the time. When your friend calls from jail, get only the most essential facts. Find out where they are being held and on what charges, how much bail will cost, etc. Certain charges require a person to stay in jail for a minimum amount of time, while others may cost from $100 to $100,000 or more.

Consider a Bail Bond

If your friend’s bail is too much for you to afford, consider a bail bond. After agreeing to the terms of the contract, a bail bondsman will put of most of the cost while only charging you a small percentage of the total bail price. Your friend must then abide by the terms of the bond, such as showing up in court, staying in the state, or other rules.

If you don’t know what to do when a friend gets arrested and can’t afford bail, call our experts at Alvarado Bail Bonds. We are happy to answer your questions and help you navigate the bail process. Call us anytime at 888-866-8376 for bail bonds in Santa Ana, CA.