Differences in Bail Types

surety bail term on paper

Do You Know the Different Bail Types Commonly Used?

Do you know the different types of bail types that are available? Depending on the crime committed and other factors related to criminal history, there are many different options used to determine whether you must stay in jail until your court date and how much bail with cost.

Cash bonds are fines that must be paid in full in order for the person to be released from jail prior to their court date.

Surety bonds are used to pay for a cash bail amount that the arrested person cannot afford to pay outright. They will hire a bail bondsman, for a percentage of the bail amount, to pay the bail for their release. The person must still go to their required court date or risked being arrested again and face extra fines.

Personal recognizance is set for people who are not considered flight risks. Instead of paying a bail amount, they are released after signing an agreement to appear in court at a designated date.

Release on citation takes place at the time of the arrest. Instead of being taking to jail and booked, the person is released by the police officer at the scene with a citation. This is signed as an agreement to go to a scheduled court appearance.

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