Celebrities That Have Used Bail Bonds

You’d be surprised to know that not just normal, everyday people need bail bonds, but celebrities do to! Some actually end up needing it more than others. Check out these celebrities that have had to utilized the bail bonds services on more than one occasion.

Katt Williams

Throughout his acting and stand up career, Katt has had a few scuffs with the law. One being in 2009, when he was charged with burglary. He used a bail bondsman to post his bail of $40,000 and was released. But Katt was unable to make the payments for the bail bonds and was eventually arrested again for failure to pay the necessary fees. This resulted in Katt having to post his own bail of $10,000 to avoid having to stay in jail until his hearing.

Lindsay Lohan

Celebrities That Have Used Bail Bonds, person in handcuffsThis actress has is possibly one of the most popular celebs around for her multiple run ins with the law and time in rehab.Lindsay was forced to use a bail bondsmen when she first started having minor tiffs with the law. Because of her consistent violations, she always kept her bail bondsman on speed dial. She violated her probation several times in 2010, which required her bail bondsman to post additional bail over a period  of time. She was able to keep her freedom until the date of her hearing all thanks to her her reliable bail bondsman.

Nicholas Cage

This well known actor faced serious charges of domestic violence, public indecency, among a few others in 2011. Because he was intoxicated at the time, Nicholas only made things worse by assaulting the paparazzi. He ended up having to reach out to “Dog the Bounty Hunter” also known as Duane Chapman, one of his close friends. Duane was able to post $11,000 bail for Nicholas helping him stay out of a pretty bad situation.

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