Bail Bond 101

Oftentimes, people have the same few questions about the hows, whens, and whys of a bail bond. When posting a bond for the first time, you can feel uneasy and unsure. But don’t worry. The process is fairly simple, and typically, your bondsman is there to help.


Bail Bonds

Why Did My Bondsman Charge a Fee?

In order for a bond company to provide bonding services, they must charge a fee just like any other business. Bail bond companies are privately owned enterprises and are not government funded. Therefore they operate like a standard business and have for their services.

How Long Does My Bond Last?

Your bond lasts until your repay your bondsman the entire amount owed. When your bondsman got you released, they paid they bond set for you in the faith that you will pay it back. Once you pay back the entirety of your bond, you are no longer liable to the bondsman.

Are There Any Specific Rules to Follow?

With your bond, your bondsman will most likely require that you come in weekly or biweekly to pay on your bond and to check in. This simply means to come in and let your bondsman know that you’re still around. You will also typically be required to call your bondsman and get approval for leaving the county or state. Read your bail bond contract carefully, and follow the rules that are laid out.

Bonding out of jail is a scary process. There are many questions circling your head and many thoughts on getting yourself back together. When you have questions, call the trusted bonding professionals at Alvarado Bail Bonds at 888-866-8376. We’re here to help you make this experience as painless as possible.