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Felonies Versus Misdemeanors

Justice Scales

A misdemeanor or a felony could mean much longer jail time

Though both are classifications of crime, some may not know the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. While a third classification, a petty offense, is the least serious offense, normally just a ticket and fine with no jail time, a felony or misdemeanor are a more serious offense.

Misdemeanors are the least serious of the two. A misdemeanor normally means a fine higher than a petty offense fine, and possible jail time for less than a year. Jail time for a misdemeanor would be served in a local or county jail, rather than a state or federal correctional institute like a felony charge. Additionally, misdemeanor trials are normally much shorter than felony trials, and like a petty offense trial, defendants are not allowed a court-appointed lawyer if they can’t afford one.

Felonies, as the most serious offenses, often involve longer trials, and are classified by degrees, with a first-degree felony being the most serious. Those that are convicted of felonies must be provided with a lawyer if they cannot afford one. Felony trials involve juries if necessary, and those convicted may serve prison sentences for over a year in a state or federal correctional facility.

Outside of prison, if you are convicted of a felony you may face other restrictions. Some states may prevent you from purchasing firearms, or you may be blocked from employment from certain professions.

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Differences in Bail Types

surety bail term on paper

Do You Know the Different Bail Types Commonly Used?

Do you know the different types of bail types that are available? Depending on the crime committed and other factors related to criminal history, there are many different options used to determine whether you must stay in jail until your court date and how much bail with cost.

Cash bonds are fines that must be paid in full in order for the person to be released from jail prior to their court date.

Surety bonds are used to pay for a cash bail amount that the arrested person cannot afford to pay outright. They will hire a bail bondsman, for a percentage of the bail amount, to pay the bail for their release. The person must still go to their required court date or risked being arrested again and face extra fines.

Personal recognizance is set for people who are not considered flight risks. Instead of paying a bail amount, they are released after signing an agreement to appear in court at a designated date.

Release on citation takes place at the time of the arrest. Instead of being taking to jail and booked, the person is released by the police officer at the scene with a citation. This is signed as an agreement to go to a scheduled court appearance.

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Benefits of Getting a Bail Bondsman

Stuck in jail because you can’t afford bail? Don’t spend more time in a cell than you have to and contact your local bail bondsman! If you are not familiar with the bail process, check out these benefits of getting a bail bondsman.

Benefits of Getting a Bail Bondsman

Save Time and Money with a Licensed Bail Bondsman!

Saves You Money

One of the biggest benefits of getting a bail bondsman is the money you can save. Once the judge determines your eligibility for bail and sets a price, you may realize there’s no way you can pay. Depending on your charges, bail prices can range from $100 to $100,000, and most people don’t have that much money laying around. By getting a bail bondsman, you only have to pay a small percentage of that amount, usually 10 percent. This can help you get out of jail without breaking the bank or borrowing from friends and family.

Saves Time

Because you don’t need to wait on a friend to withdraw money from the bank or come up with the cash, getting a bail bond is often a faster way to get out of jail early. Plus, your bail bondsman knows the system inside and out. With a simple phone call, you can be out of jail within hours in many cases!

Convenient Help

Your bail bondsman is there for more than just financial assistance. His job is to make the bail process easier for you by answering questions and even reminding you of your court date. Many offer various resources for you and your loved ones to get through this stressful time with little hassle.

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What Responsibilities You Take When You Post Bail For Someone

If you have a loved one or family member that is in jail, it can be very worrisome. You want to ensure they get out so they can get back to their responsibilities, but they need to post bail. While you would do anything to help them, you need to make sure you know what happens when you sign a bail bond for a friend or family member. There are certain bail bond responsibilities you need to follow when you post bail.


Bail Bond Responsibility

Ensure They Make Their Court Date

Bail bond responsibility number one is to make sure your friend or loved one shows up to their court date. Do whatever you have to do to ensure your friend or family appears in court.

Pay Additional Fees on Behalf of the Defendant

If for some reason your friend or family member forgot or intentionally missed their court date, it is your responsibility as the one who signed the bond to pay for fees because of a missed court date. The fee is usually 10-15% of the bail bond amount.

Pay Full Bail Amount

This bail bond responsibility is very important. If your friend or loved one cannot be located, you will be fully responsible for paying the full cost of the bail amount. If you put down collateral such as a car or house, those items can be collected.

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What to Do When a Friend Gets Arrested

What do you do when a friend gets arrested? What do you say when a friend calls and needs money for bail? If your friend needs help bailing out of jail, keep these tips in mind to help navigate the bail process.

Keep Calm

what to do when a friend gets arrestedThe most important thing to remember is to keep calm. You won’t help your friend by panicking or stressing. This is especially important if you are with your friend at the time of arrest. Whether you both get pulled over for a traffic violation or other incident, you need to keep your calm. Do not yell at, threaten, or assault the arresting officer or you could get yourself arrested too.

Get the Facts

Though you may want to know all the details of what happened, now is not the time. When your friend calls from jail, get only the most essential facts. Find out where they are being held and on what charges, how much bail will cost, etc. Certain charges require a person to stay in jail for a minimum amount of time, while others may cost from $100 to $100,000 or more.

Consider a Bail Bond

If your friend’s bail is too much for you to afford, consider a bail bond. After agreeing to the terms of the contract, a bail bondsman will put of most of the cost while only charging you a small percentage of the total bail price. Your friend must then abide by the terms of the bond, such as showing up in court, staying in the state, or other rules.

If you don’t know what to do when a friend gets arrested and can’t afford bail, call our experts at Alvarado Bail Bonds. We are happy to answer your questions and help you navigate the bail process. Call us anytime at (888) 866-8376 for bail bonds in Santa Ana, CA.

When is Bail Withheld?

The law states that everyone has the right to bail, but sometimes bail can be withheld. This is because of several factors that determine whether a person can safely be allowed to be released from prison prior to their court appearance.

picture of a jail cell

A judge will determine whether a person should be allowed to post bail based on past criminal history. If the judge decides the risk of the arrested person fleeing once they leave jail, the right to bail could be denied. If a violent crime was committed, a judge usually denies bail in order to protect the public. The judge will look at past criminal history as well. A repeat offender is more likely to have their right to bail denied.

In some cases, when it is a misdemeanor or nonviolent crime, a judge isn’t required and the bail will be determined from a bail schedule. The schedule is used to set the bail at a predetermined amount based on the crime committed.

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What Happens When You Miss Your Court Date

The most important part of your bail agreement is that you show up for your court date after you’re released. If you don’t, you could face even more serious consequences and penalties. Whether you jump bail or accidentally miss your court date, here’s what happens when you miss your court date.

court date

More Fines

Missing your court date will cost you! In addition to the fines and bail price you’ve already paid, you’ll face even more for missing your court date. Depending on your charges and other circumstances, these fines could be quite costly. If you forgot to go to court or an emergency came up, contact a lawyer and your bail agent right away. Though judges rarely let someone off for missing court, a serious excuse may reduce your fines.

Warrant For Your Arrest

When a defendant misses court, a judge will often issue a bench warrant for your arrest. You may be charged with Failure to Appear (FTA), which can be either a misdemeanor of felony charge. Your charges will be determined based on your original charges. If you are found by the police, you will be arrested and held without bail.

Other Consequences

When you fail to appear in court, you will forfeit your bail agreement. This means that your bail agent may sell any collateral you put up, and you will be responsible for the full cash bail price. The bail agent may also send a bail enforcement agent or bounty hunter to locate and arrest you.

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How to Find the Best Bail Bondsman

If you undergo the unfortunate experience of being arrested in California, there is hope. You can get out of jail with the help of a bail bond and begin preparing for your legal proceeding. But how do you find the best bail bondsman? We have a few tips.

California best bail bondsman

Search for Reviews

When you’re looking for a bondsman, an easy way to judge their competence is by others’ experiences. If other people say that their bondsman was able to get them out of jail quickly, treated them respectfully and came up with reasonable payment terms, then chances are you’ve found a quality bondsman. Red flags would be a lack of professionalism or a bondsman who does not know the California bail laws. Steer clear of these individuals.

Make Sure They Are Licensed

All bondsmen are required to have current licenses. Ask to see your bondsman’s license or to get the license number. You can run a search for the number with the State Department of Insurance to check its legitimacy. If the license is current, you’re in the clear. If it is not, it is worth your time to search for another bondsman.

Check Their Hours

The best bail bondsman is not just available 8-5. Instead, they’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that no matter when you’re arrested, you will be able to use their services to get out of jail quickly. A dedicated bondsman will be there for you when you need them most, not just at their own convenience.

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World’s Most Expensive Bonds

bail bondMost of us can probably guess how much the average bail is for regular crimes such as drug possession or other misdemeanors. Maybe a few thousand, right? You may be surprised to know that more high profile crimes can reach staggering amounts. Check out some of the most expensive bonds in the world.

Michael Milken

Up first is this American business mogul. He was accused of 98 accounts of racketeering and securities fraud in the 1989 Wall Street case. After an extensive investigation, Milken had a bail set at $250 million dollars, which he paid to gt out of jail. He was later sentenced to 10 year in prison, but only ended up serving two.

Julius Meinl

This British billionaire was suspected of having involvement with covert share buybacks which were actually tied to his European Land Company. He was arrested in 2009, but was able to pay his bail his bail of $133 million and was released.

Mr. and Mrs. Kening Ma

This duo hailing from southern California was accused of selling all-terrain vehicles without a smog certificate. After an extensive investigation, Mr. Ma was found guilty and had a bail set at $100 million. For her involvement in the fraud, Mrs. Ma was had a bail set at $75 million. The combined $175 million bail was paid and they were released.

Your charge may not be this severe and your bail may not be as high, but you may eventually need a bail bond service. When you do, Alvarado Bail Bonds is here for you. Give us a call at (888) 866-8376.



Celebrities That Have Used Bail Bonds

You’d be surprised to know that not just normal, everyday people need bail bonds, but celebrities do to! Some actually end up needing it more than others. Check out these celebrities that have had to utilized the bail bonds services on more than one occasion.

Katt Williams

Throughout his acting and stand up career, Katt has had a few scuffs with the law. One being in 2009, when he was charged with burglary. He used a bail bondsman to post his bail of $40,000 and was released. But Katt was unable to make the payments for the bail bonds and was eventually arrested again for failure to pay the necessary fees. This resulted in Katt having to post his own bail of $10,000 to avoid having to stay in jail until his hearing.

Lindsay Lohan

Celebrities That Have Used Bail Bonds, person in handcuffsThis actress has is possibly one of the most popular celebs around for her multiple run ins with the law and time in rehab.Lindsay was forced to use a bail bondsmen when she first started having minor tiffs with the law. Because of her consistent violations, she always kept her bail bondsman on speed dial. She violated her probation several times in 2010, which required her bail bondsman to post additional bail over a period  of time. She was able to keep her freedom until the date of her hearing all thanks to her her reliable bail bondsman.

Nicholas Cage

This well known actor faced serious charges of domestic violence, public indecency, among a few others in 2011. Because he was intoxicated at the time, Nicholas only made things worse by assaulting the paparazzi. He ended up having to reach out to “Dog the Bounty Hunter” also known as Duane Chapman, one of his close friends. Duane was able to post $11,000 bail for Nicholas helping him stay out of a pretty bad situation.

So if you ever find yourself facing a sticky situation, make sure you give Alvarado Bail Bonds a call. We service all of Southern California and we’re here fro you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (888) 866-8376.